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Wounded In The House Of My Friends

Dr.Gene Smith has fifty years of experience in the medical field, specializing in Internal and Psychosomatic medicine and counseling. He received his Medical Degree from the University of Oklahoma Medical School, where he also did his Residency in Internal Medicine. At the same time he was in full time academic medicine there, he was involved in Psychosomatic medicine which deals with one’s emotions and how it affects his/her physical health.

During his years of private practice, God began to show him, through the Scriptures, how much the emotional and spiritual state totally relate to a persons physical health, both positively and negatively. Between his learned medical skills and the Word of God, Dr. Gene has spent his life helping others get free of past emotional traumas, hurts and wounds that have also started to take a toll on their physical health.

Dr. Gene states, “My desire for the reader of Wounded In The House Of My Friends is twofold. For the many who have been wounded in heart, my hope is the truths found within these pages will bring them restored health and wholeness. Then, once they have received emotional peace, healing and freedom, they will have every opportunity to share these truths with others, so they, too, can find freedom for themselves.”

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