Message From The Author

Dr. Gene Smith, Christian Book Author

Wounded In The House Of My Friends came about through many years of searching. I always had a great curiosity about how to have peace in a world of turmoil. Even as a young boy I wondered about life issues. Strange or not so strange. Most of us do, but avoid it since it seems so hard to find answers. Often we chase off in pursuits that lead no where. This led to medicine and especially psychosomatic medicine for myself.

After a severe depressive reaction I found myself in the arms of Jesus. The journey led to the answers which are Biblical and found in this book. They are practical, simple and always work when the principles laid out in the Bible are obeyed.

I also wanted to to leave this as a legacy for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Here in is found life, liberty and peace as promised not by myself but by Jesus.

Gene Smith MD
Internal Medicine