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If the compartments are not done this way, they seal and the procedure has to be done all over again. However, once the wound is tended and dressed by the physician, there is little pain, and the wound smells clean. The wound then has a chance to heal. When the healing is complete, it usually only leaves a thin scar. Hopefully, when one looks at that scar it will bring to mind the love, skill and care of their physician.

Many times, our emotions have a similar reaction when they’re under pressure. They’re not only bad looking and bad smelling, but they can cause us to re-live the hurts of the past. These areas can be painful, as well.

Jesus is the great physician and the only One Who can and desires to heal spiritual abscesses. He sometimes allows these events in our lives, even painful events, in order to bring abscesses to the light. (He is the light.) Then, it’s only by the honest cry of our heart and not by the intellect of our head (God deals with hearts, not heads), that the wounds are opened, compartments broken down and pent-up emotions drained away. Our honest cry is the true pouring out of our hearts to God, telling Him how we really feel, instead of what we think He wants to hear.

Venting our emotions, like the draining of an abscess, is part of that healing process, and there is no one better to vent them to than the great physician. Many times, as Christians, we often filter our feelings through a “religious screen.” The problem with this is it hinders us from being able to be totally honest with ourselves and others. Some Christians, I’ve known, couldn’t speak the truth. If you asked them what they had in their mouth, even if it was full of “mud,” they would say “whipped cream.”

When the opportunity arises for offense or hurts, people will usually follow one of two paths. They will just accept these emotional wounds by burying them without a challenge or they flat deny they even exist. Phrases that will accompany both of these emotions are, “I don’t care what they say,” or “I don’t care what they think.” The “I don’t care about _______” thought should be our first warning we are not being truthful with ourselves; because the truth is, we do care.

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