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How were these precious pastors and their flocks ever going to receive healing for their wounds and hurts? How were they going to bring closure, so they could continue with faith in their belief systems? Wouldn’t feelings of anger, bitterness and blame be inevitable? What about feelings of guilt, they were sure to harbor? What compassion or what comfort were they going to be able to bring to others if they were unable to cope with their own emotions?

If they had even been able to recognize how they felt, what would they have done about it? Would they just deny their feelings or their emotions? The same emotions that God, Himself, created in us, so we would not be robots? Or were they going to use rejection to push those thoughts into their subconscious, hoping they wouldn’t rear their ugly heads at some later time in the future? Would they eventually allow the sting of those feelings to drive them away from God, away from the only One Who could offer them the comfort they truly needed?

It was vital for the pastors in that nation to rely on God’s Word. God knew we would go through trials and tribulations that would cause us pain and grief, but He didn’t expect us to go through them alone. This is why He sent the Holy Spirit to be our comforter. If it was not possible for us to receive comfort from the Holy Spirit, how then could we possibly bring comfort to others?

The bottom line is this. They were going to have to learn how to deal with their inner emotions just like the rest of us do. They were not only going to have to eventually face their own hidden, inner feelings, but they were also going to have to help others learn how to manage their feelings, as well.

Unless wounds or injuries are properly dressed, they lead to bigger health issues. Spiritual wounds aren’t any different. If they aren’t also attended to, they become a great breeding ground for all types of negative, damaging emotions. Anger, bitterness, resentment, rejection, guilt, unforgiveness and self pity are just a few of the feelings that may find their way into the wounded area. Then, when these wounds are not properly treated, they progress into spiritual abscesses, which are full of toxic emotions.

In the medical treatment of an abscess, the area must be cleansed and opened with a sharp scalpel blade, but as uncomfortable and painful as this process is, this is not the end of the procedure. In fact, the next step is the most painful of all. Abscesses usually have compartments. To cure them, a hemostat, which is an instrument with two sharp ends that can be widened or clamped together, is not only inserted into the now open wound, but is twisted from side to side. Sound painful? Well, it is extremely painful! As the walls of the compartment are broken down and pressure is applied, pus and infection come pouring out. It is extremely painful, but completely necessary in order for one to be healed.

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